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Laser treatment

Laser treatment is the newest dental treatment method. Lasers can be used in all dental treatment procedures, because dental laser drills cut the tooth without causing pain and without the usual grisly sound of a regular drill. Patients usually do not feel anything aside from cooling water and air flow in the mouth. Lasers enable effective teeth whitening, root canal cleaning, gum treatment and even the most complex procedures in oral surgery.

Lasers may be used to treat a specific painful spot as well as to strengthen the body's immune response by an acupuncture-like mechanism in order to speed up healing processes.

The "active substance" of laser therapy is the photon energy of electromagnetic radiation that reacts with the photoreceptors of tissue cells and actuates biostimulation. Such cascade of photochemical and photobiological processes improves cellular energy supply and metabolism that causes the body to "heal itself."

Depending on the type of target tissue and the applied power and gear, laser light may reach several centimeters into the tissues (for example muscular and bone tissues) and have an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect as well as reduce swelling. Although the target tissue may have a local increase in temperature (0.5-1 degrees), the biostimulating effect is not mediated through the rise in temperature.

A laser treatment course takes at least 3 sessions, but more lasting results are achieved in 7-8 sessions. Laser treatment courses may be undergone several times a year.

Soft laser treatment can be used in a dentist's everyday work in order to treat alveolar inflammation, lip sores, mucous membrane inflammations, geographical tongue, aphthae, herpes, nerve damage, oversensitive dental necks, swelling, gum diseases, TMJ disorders, etc.